DaringLaw offers personalised support in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and private equity, both on a day-to-day basis for recurring transactions and on an exceptional basis for complex transactions.

The firm provides for its clients the practice developed by its partners, who have been involved in more than one hundred significant transactions over the last ten years.

Our teams adopt an operational approach that favours a transversal and agile work methodology.


DaringLaw establishes a relationship of trust with its clients that is intended to be long term, and therefore defines before any intervention :


DaringLaw is committed to the long term through in-depth knowledge of its clients' businesses and personalised follow-up, giving it a transversal vision of the problems encountered by its clients.


DaringLaw has extensive expertise in corporate law thanks to its intensive practice in the field, its constant monitoring of legislative, regulatory and case law developments and its constant consultation with recognised practitioners in the field.

Strategic decision making

DaringLaw helps its clients to focus on their strategic legal issues and to develop a solution that combines efficiency and legal security.

Collaborative working method

DaringLaw is able to mobilise a dedicated team of legal and other professionals who are experienced in teamwork.

The firm also knows how to integrate the ranks of an already established team of consultants.

Digital support

DaringLaw provides its clients with digital tools that allow a fluid exchange with all stakeholders:

  • permanent access to their legal file
  • an electronic signature solution to facilitate the completion of transactions.