DaringLaw works in collaboration and partnership with a wide variety of French and foreign clients:
DaringLaw's main activities involve the following matters:

Venture capital - Growth capital - Innovation Capital (private equity)

  • Advice to investment funds (entry and exit of capital)
  • Advice to companies in fundraising phase
  • Global assistance: legal audits, preparation of transaction, negotiation of investment conditions, drafting of deeds, closing


Long-term support from the start-up phase and monitoring of successive rounds of financing.


  • Acquisitions - sales - transfer of companies 
  • External growth and/or restructuring operations
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Financing operation
  • Global assistance: drafting and negotiation of deeds, support until closing
  • Post-transaction monitoring, including in the event of the implementation of the asset and liability guarantee


Implication directe de l’associé en charge de l’opération.


  • Advice to investment funds
  • Advice to companies and groups
  • Legal audits
  • Overall assistance from structuring to closing


Souci permanent de l’équilibre des intérêts en présence et suivi des LBO successifs.

Collaborative projects - Open innovation

  • Joint-ventures
  • Consortium, groups
  • Industrial, commercial or research collaborations, technology transfers


Capacité à mobiliser une équipe dédiée spécialisée dans le secteur d’activité concerné.

Asset transactions - Transmission

  • Protection of the partner and the manager
  • Patrimonialisation of the work tool
  • Transfer of business
  • Family transmission
  • Transfer of the company to its managers


Capacité à mobiliser une équipe habituellement composée d’un notaire et d’un avocat spécialisé en fiscalité patrimoniale.

Creation - Monitoring - Restructuring

  • Constitution - Partnership agreement
  • Current legal follow-up of companies and groups of companies
  • Management packages: access to capital plans (share purchase warrant, business creator share subscription warrants, free grant of shares, etc.)
  • Structuring of intra-group flows
  • Intra-group reorganisations (mergers, splits, partial contributions of assets, etc.)


Possibilité de conserver la vie sociale au sein d’une bible électronique accessible à tout moment.